We manufacture scale hand pallet truck with the compact designed instrument, and high-precision weighing sensor with the accuracy of 0.1-0.2%, with gross weight.


  • Most standard and popular model with capacity 1500/2000 kgs in light duty.
  • Hand brake / drive hand pallet truck
  • Easy 3 position control handle– Raise, Lower, Neutral.
  • Easy manual zero correction.
  • Gross /net weighing with the accuracy of 0.1-0.2%.
  • Ergonomic powder coated handle, which is comfortable and convenient to     operate.
  • Fork lowering speed is controllable, operated by hand control and foot pedal.
  • Integrated casting pump & welded pump.
  • Error message in display.
  • AAK provides reinforced fork frame for extra strength.
  • We provide customized products as per client’s requirements.
  • Factory calibration and user calibration
  • Backlight indicator for read out

Wheels: Nylon wheel, Rubber wheel, Polyurethane wheel, Steel wheel

Description Unit APT 2.0T 560N/P -WS APT 2.0T 695N/P -WS
Capacity kg Up to 2000
Fork dimensions mm 1500 × 500 × 1150 1620 x 695 x 1180
Min.fork height mm 85 – 90
Max.fork height mm 195 – 200
Max. Lifting Hight mm ≥115
Fork Outside Distance mm 560 695
Fork length mm 1150 1220
Fork Width mm 160
Load roller Std ø80 x 70
Stering Wheel mm ø180 x 50
Frork Thickness mm 3.2
Pump Std DF/AC(Welded / Machined)
Handle Std Mild Steel Powder Coated
Structure Std Mild Steel Powder Coated
Net Weight KG 115 122
Material of Wheel Std Nylon / Polyurethane