With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, AAK Ramp has established a reputation for building the safest and most durable, reliable and maintenance-free ramps available on the market. AAK Ramp’s premium line-up of products is uniquely designed for a variety of applications and vehicle compatibility.

With a simple yet secure vehicle connection system, the AAK Mobile Ramp offers the flexibility to easily move your ramp around your facility. With a fully self-supported design, the Mobile is a safer option than standard yard ramps. Featuring impressive versatility, nothing on the market compares to the AAK Mobile Ramp!


Features :

  • Fully supported on adjustable legs
  • User-friendly, two-speed hand crank system to adjust deck  height
  • Coated with high quality enamel paint in the  color  of your choice
Description Unit AMYR 9T AMYR 16T
Capacity Kg 9000 (9 ton) 16000 (16 ton)
Length mm 10800 (36 feet) 12300  (41 feet)
Overall width mm 2100  (7 feet) 2200  (7.3 feet)
Horizontal Part Length mm 1200  7 feet) 1500  (7.3 feet)
Body mm 9150   (4 feet) 10350  (5 feet)
Lip Length mm 450  (1.5 feet)
Working Range mm 1200 – 2100 /   4 feet – 7 feet)
Leading board mm 800-900 (Fixed / Fordable)
Wheel Type Solid Rubber
Main Lifting Cylinders Nos. 2
Hydraulic System Type 12 Volt DC Electric Operated
Supporting Leg Nos. 4