We produces a full line of heavy duty Manual Floor Cranes, Shop Cranes and Engine Hoists to fit almost any need and lifting application. Designed for a full range of loads, Aak features over 12 models as well as custom designed manual hydraulic floor cranes. Most Aak mobile cranes are also available in stainless steel designs.

Aak floor cranes are perfect for lifting heavy objects in job shop settings, but there are always different and unique lifting requirements. We manufacture 12 types of shop crane and hydraulic engine hoist to address most needs and applications. Aak provides heavy duty lifts, towable, pivot, adjustable and standard straddles, counter-balance mobile floor cranes, economy engine lifts, and more specialty floor cranes to meet your exact needs.

Description UNIT AMFC 1.8T AMFC 2.0T
Maximum Capacity Kg 1800 kg 2000 Kg
Boom load capacity according to boom position P1
P2 1500 1000
P3 1200 1300
P4 900 1000
P5 600 700
P6 300 350
Standerd Boom Length mm 1600
Extended Boom Length mm 1000
Min. Hook Height mm 400
Max. Hook Height mm 3000
Load roller mm φ120×40
Steering Wheel mm φ180×50
Color Golden Yellow
Gross Weight Kg 270 295