We deliver our cost effective and flexible robotic solutions. In Industrial automation, we set the standard for reliability & affordability.

Our Solutions for

Manipulators, Lift Tables, RGV & AGV, All type of Conveyors ( Slat Conveyor , Power & Free Double Plus Chain conveyor for assembly, Belt conveyor, Roller Conveyor), Pneumatic Lifters , Scissor Lifters, Nut Runner Applications , Fuel Tank / Axle / Engine Lifters , PLC & RFID/Barcode applications etc.

We use Technological Parts from Mitsubishi , Omron,SMC, Festo, THK Schneider, Interoll and Igus etc.



  1. This is Multi- purpose low cost Jib Crane
  2. Easy of Movement and Positioning.
  3. Enhanced operator safety
  4. Reduce operator Fatigue.
  5. Suitable for repetitive and high precision operating.
  6. Std. mild steel structure and Al Alloy used for this system.
  7. Improved work force Utilization
  8. Easy Maintenance
  9. Strong and oversized mechanical design.

10.All safety and ergonomics features considered.

Integration Option:

  • Air Hoist
  • Electric Hoist
  • Air balancer
  • Hand Chain Hoist