AAK Electric Stackers frame design avoids stresses on the welds and maintains a higher mechanical strength during working. Very easy access of the battery compartment and very easy to change the battery for maintenance also. The ergonomically designed tiller arm combines industrial strength together with ease of use, ensuring every control command can be implemented quickly and easily. When the handle is released, it returns automatically to the neutral position, applying automatic braking, AAK fully stacker in ghaziabad is reliable and safe operation – walking or riding.



  • Curtis AC controller and voltage, step less speed regulation
  • Mast special U-steel, with pedal, swing, forged and cover lay fork.
  • Without and with Pedal and protective swings
  • Triple mast, EPS steering available,
  • Vertical AC drive motor and vertical transmission gearbox
  • Bend speed limiting device included.
  • American AMP waterproof plug-in.
  • Mechanical controlled steering with high turning accuracy.
  • Electromagnetic brake system.
Specifications – Fully Electric Stacker
Discription Unit AFES 1030 AFES 1030 P AFES 1045 P
Capacity (kg) 1000
Max. Fork Height (mm) 3000 4500
Lowered Fork Height  (mm) 90
Load center  (mm) 600
Fork Length  (mm) 1150
Fork Overall Width M (mm) 540
Fork Individual Width N (mm) 160
Motors Traveling 1.2kw/24V
Lifting 2.2kw/24V
Traveling Speed With/WithoutLoad (Km/h) 4.0/5.5
Lifting Speed With/WithoutLoad (mm/s) 95/122
Lowering SpeedWith/WithoutLoad (mm/s) 110/60
Turning Radius (mm) 1850
Pedastel Type N/A Yes
Front Roller (mm) ¢78*70
Rear Roller (mm) ¢150*75
Driver Wheel (mm) ¢250*80
Battery Service Free             200Ah/24v 32kg/pcs*6pcs=192kg
Battery Charger 20A/24V
Option Traction Battery 240Ah/24V
Net Weight(without battery) 655 730 850