Always in industry unsafe drum handling is very common but it is not any fun it may cause a serious accident of workplace and injury. Are your company person being placed under possible risk with existing procedures? AAK provide simple solutions simple, safe and easy to handling the trolleys.

We manufactured trolleys by using quality assured components. Our quality experts strictly test each trolley and check all parameters to ensure its 100% safe and work perfectly. The drum trolleys are design are very simple and light weighted and use for moving drums in a wide variety of industry. We manufacturer 6 models of drum trollies.




Most standard and popular model with capacity 300/350 kgs.

  • it’s easy for loading and unloading of drums.
  • Low cost and maximum durability its best feature.
  • Structural light weight steel construction which help to easy manual movement.
  • Powder coated structure.
  • No use of hydraulic pumps provide 100% maintenance free trolley.
  • Trolley 5 models provide a wide variety of drum handling.
  • Its Reduce time lost to personnel injuries and help increase your facility’s productivity.
  • We provides handler 300 and 350 kg Capacity.

Wheels: Nylon wheel, Rubber wheel, Polyurethane wheel, Pneumatic wheel

Description UNIT ADT – 01 ADT – 02 ADT – 03 ADT – 04 ADT – 05
Capacity Kg 300
Min. Height mm 0 – 5
Max Drain Height mm 300 – 350 N/A 700 – 750 N/A
Drum Size mm ø572 X 900
Rear Wheel Wheel mm N/A ø100 x 50 N/A ø100 x 50
Front Wheel mm ø254 x 70 ø150 x 50 ø254 x 70 ø150 x 50
Supporting Wheel mm Yes N/A
Material of Wheel mm Rubber / Nylon
Gross Weight mm 21 23.5 21.5 27 18.5